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Love, Loss, Longing - A DLP Love Story Anthology. The third volume in the DLP Anthology series contains 10 lovely stories - from romance, to heartache, and all manner of vampire love in the Old West! Will an Alchemist betray his vows for the one he loves? Can a father avenge his child in a world gone mad with superheroes and villains? Follow two gunslingers, cursed with Truth, to a town of mirrors hiding cruel love. Love, Loss, Longing contains work from 10 strong voices - authors new and seasoned and who see romance and love through a multi-genre lens.

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Mysterious, Monstrous, Metropolitan - A DLP Anthology. Eighteen awesome tales of urban fantasy! Discover the magic hiding in Indian slums, join the last of humanity on a submarine after the zombie apocalypse, and learn the true cost of mystical power in the modern world. Enter worlds hidden in mirrors, outrun a creature from beyond time, and battle the forces of Hell in the Floating Fortress of Doom. This anthology is bursting with stories about monsters, demons, creatures without name, and good old fashioned human ferocity. Mysterious, Monstrous, Metropolitan contains work from 18 strong voices - authors new and seasoned and who see the urban areas of the world not as safe haven from the unexplained and the strange, but as concrete jungles where magic and monsters can thrive!

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Unbowed, Unbroken, Unrelenting - An Antihero Anthology Sixteen tales of fantasy, horror, suspense, and drama, with some rather unconventional heroes. Discover the truth at the end of the world, escape from labs buried deep within the earth, and never stop running from the creatures hiding in the shadows. Trade destruction in a world where the Cold War heated up fast, dance until last call in a club without time, follow a master assassin on one last mission for redemption. The following stories contain zombies, monsters, angels, demons, and heroes of an altogether unsavory nature. Unbowed, Unbroken, Unrelenting: Antiheroes. The first anthology from DLP.

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Joe Ducie

Joe is a writer from Perth, Western Australia. By day, he charges a toll to cross a bridge he doesn't own. Yet by night, in a haze of scotch-fuelled insanity, he works tirelessly on an array of stories both short and long. Joe possesses a fierce love of a smooth finish. Under no circumstances should you ask him just what that means. He is primarily an author of urban fantasy and science fiction aimed at young adults. His current stories include Distant Star, Upon Crystal Shores, Red vs. Blue, and The Forgetful Library. When not talking about himself in the third person, Joe enjoys devouring books at an absurdly disgusting rate and sampling fine scotch. Learn More

Nic M Bradley

Nic is a writer and designer from a small seaside town in Wales. Though some may call his hometown quaint, those in the know can tell you it has, in fact, a chocolate underbelly and one very scary goat. When he's not writing or creating beautiful things, he's either learning to speak Welsh or affecting a poor Scottish accent and pretending to be a dwarf. In addition to contributing the stories 'The Outsiders' and 'Museum Piece', Nic has provided his design skills to several of the anthologies and is the one responsible for this website. Learn More

About Us

DLPublishing is a small press coalition of genre-fiction authors. We publish anthologies of well-crafted, high-quality speculative fiction. We offer no fees and contribution is by invitation only. We create purely for the edification of our readers and for the love of the craft, however if we can promote and publish a diverse range of experiences and voices in the process, we'll be all the happier for it.

We also stole this company description from a craft beer company